New Program in Florida for Hometown Heroes

Down payments and closing costs for buying a new home often deter people from even thinking about taking that step. However, there are some programs that help new home buyers get into the house they dream of, and today I want to tell you about a new program that is opening up in Florida for eligible front line workers.

It’s called the Hometown Heroes Housing Program, and it helps first-time, income-qualified homebuyers so they can purchase a primary residence in the community where they work and serve.

The official website has a lot of information about the program, but the summary is that, if you’re eligible, you can get “lower than market rates on FHA, VA, RD, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac first mortgage, reduced upfront fees, no origination points or discount points and down payment and closing cost assistance.”

You can also receive up to $25,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance that is basically a 0% 30 year second mortgage that you pay back when you sell the property, refinance, or do not occupy the property.

It might sound complicated, but I believe it can be a very good option for front line workers who just haven’t been able to save for a down payment but are looking to buy instead of rent.

Some Occupations That are Eligible for the Hometown Heroes Program

There’s an exhaustive list if you click here, but here are some of the occupations that are eligible for this program:

  • Law Enforcement (Correction Officers, Probation Officers, Juvenile Detention Officers, Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Firefighters, Paramedics, Certified EMT, 911 Public Safety Communicators
  • Educators (Classroom Teachers, Career Specialist, Library/Media specialists, School counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists)
  • Childcare Operator/Instructors
  • RN, LPN, CNA, Home Health Aide
  • Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Anesthesiologist
  • Active Military Personnel, Veterans
  • Veterinarians, Vet Tech, Vet Assistant
  • Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Athletic Trainers, Licensed Dietitians or Nutritionists
  • Many more…check the link above

Overall, if you’re a front line worker who is looking to buy a home, you might want to check out the program.

If you’d like to talk with someone who knows more about the program, let me know sending me a message, and we can continue the conversation.