Freedom Week Brings Tax Breaks in Florida

During the week of July 1-7, 2022, Florida is giving tax breaks on specific items…specifically things that have to do with recreational activity and outdoor gear. Things like tents, kayaks, sunglasses, and concerts will all be free of taxes this week, so take advantage. Some of the things that are on the list are important for your home as well (like pool supplies), so be sure to get your pool chemicals this week!

Governor DeSantis says the tax break is a way for families in Florida to enjoy the summer despite the rising inflation and cost of living. According to the Tax Information Publication, “During this sales tax holiday period, tax is not due on the retail sale of admissions to music events, sporting events, cultural events, specified performances, movies, museums, state parks, and fitness facilities. Also exempt from sales tax during this holiday period are eligible boating and water activity supplies, camping supplies, fishing supplies, general outdoor supplies, residential pool supplies, and sporting equipment.”

Exceptions to the tax breaks are rentals of the eligible items or any of the purchases that are made at theme parks, entertainment complexes, public lodging establishments, or airports.

This week there is no tax for tickets for live music, live sports, plays, movies, fairs and festivals, for events through Dec. 31. Entry to museums and state parks are also included…this includes annual passes.

Freedom Week Tax Breaks:

  • The first $5 on the price of fishing bait and tackle.
  • The first $15 on the price of sunscreen and insect repellant.
  • The first $25 on the price of swimming snorkels, goggles and masks.
  • The first $30 on the price of fishing tackle boxes, water bottles, camping lanterns and flashlights.
  • The first $35 on the price of recreational pool tubes, pool floats, inflatable chairs and pool toys.
  • The first $50 on the price of sleeping bags, portable hammocks, camping stoves, collapsible camping chairs and bicycle helmets.
  • The first $75 on the price of life jackets, coolers, paddles, oars, fishing rods and reels.
  • The first $100 of the price of sunglasses.
  • The first $100 of pool and spa replacement parts, nets, filters, lights, and covers.
  • The first $150 of pool and spa chemicals.
  • The first $150 on the price of water skis, wakeboards and kneeboards.
  • The first $200 on the price of tents and binoculars.
  • The first $250 on the price of bicycles and grills.
  • The first $300 on the price of paddle boards and surfboards.
  • The first $500 on the price of canoes and kayaks.
  • Any item used in individual or team sports, not including clothing or footwear, selling for $40 or less.

Check out any I might have missed.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the tax breaks this week?